mercredi 15 décembre 2010

Istanbul : un couple religieusement mixte victime d'un crime d'honneur de la part du beau-frère chrétien arménien

Christian-Muslim Turkish newlyweds allegedly killed by bride's brother
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Monday, December 13, 2010
ISTANBUL – Daily News with wires

A recently married, inter-religious couple was allegedly killed in the center of Istanbul on Saturday by the wife’s brother, news agencies reported.

The woman, a Turkish Armenian, and the man, a Muslim Turk, had reportedly married without the permission of the bride’s family. 

Gönay Ö., the brother of murdered 26-year-old Soney Vural, was sent to court Monday for allegedly killing the newlywed couple. 

“They married despite us,” he said, adding that his family had opposed the marriage due to cultural differences, Doğan news agency reported.

Early media reports had said Soney Vural was Syriac but the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review has learned that she was Armenian. Her funeral is expected to be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Surp Kevok Armenian Church in Istanbul.

Media reports said her family had opposed the marriage because they were Christian and the groom, a jeweler, was Muslim.

Soney Vural’s husband, Zekeriya Vural, was buried Monday in a cemetery in the Sarıyer district, private news channel NTV reported. The couple was married 11 days earlier.

The bodies of the couple were found in a car in the Seyitömer neighborhood of Fatih district on Saturday night. An initial investigation revealed that the couple had died from bullets wounds to their heads and torsos.

Police reported that the couple had had dinner that evening with the bride’s brother, who was detained later that evening.

The murder suspect told police that his sister told him that Zekeriya Vural become a Christian and that they would have a wedding ceremony in church, Doğan news agency reported.

According to his testimony, the suspected suggested a meeting between himself and the couple to discuss the issue.

In the meeting, however, Zekeriya Vural said it was against his honor to hold a wedding ceremony in a church and reportedly swore at the suspect, leading the latter to commit the murder, according to the testimony.

“A difference of religions should not be a problem. They did not approve of the marriage because our son was a Muslim. We struggled so much for peace,” said Cemil Vural, Zekeriya Vural’s uncle.

Cemil Vural said the couple loved each other very much and refused to leave each other. Another relative of Zekeriya Vural said the couple had married secretly. ,

“The murder shows that they trapped our son,” said the anonymous relative, Doğan news agency reported.
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Des faits similaires ont été constatés chez d'autres chrétiens d'Orient, en Egypte et ailleurs.