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Liban : deux Arméniens dans le nouveau gouvernement mis en place sous la pression du Hezbollah ?

Two Armenians to join Lebanese Government

January 26, 2011 | 15:15

Under the Constitution of Lebanon, the President and Premier jointly form the Government, Shahan Kandaharian, the Editor-in-Chief of the Beirut-based Azdak newspaper, told Armenian The Armenian community has the right to two seats in the 24-member Lebanese Government, he said.

The formation of Government is a complicated process, as the "ex-majority", which has turned into Opposition, has stated it will not take part in forming the Government. "Let us see what will be the result of the talks. I do not think the former government structure will be restored," Kandaharian.

The Lebanese Constitution does not set any specific terms for forming the Government, but the Premier should at least try to ensure all the sides` participation. Prime Minister Najib Azmi Mikati called on all the sides to take part in forming the government. The next few days will show the Opposition`s response to the call.

Since the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnakstuyun (ARF-D) is supportive of the new Premier, what is the possibility of the ARF-D nominating its candidates? "The candidates are not necessarily members of political parties. The ARF-D will at least nominate its candidate and have its representative in the Lebanese Government. The Armenian community has not yet nominated its candidate," Kandaharian.

As to the domestic political situation, he said the situation is peaceful, and the Lebanon Armenians did not take part in clashes.
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