mardi 11 octobre 2011

En réponse à l'inculte Sarkozy, le professeur Kemal Çiçek (de la Türk Tarih Kurumu) exhume un document troublant des archives nationales américaines : en Cilicie, en 1920, l'armée française se serait retournée contre ses supplétifs arméniens et aurait vidé la région de la population arménienne

Published on October 10, 2011

    Ankara has responded to French President Nicolas Sarkozy's statements on the Armenian Genocide made during his visit to Armenia. Prof. Kemal Cicek from the Turkish Historical Society published a document from the US National Archives. The document is evidence of violence French officers committed against Armenians in 1920s. The document, published by means of Haberturk, is Cilician Armenians' letter of complaint to the then US president Woodrow Wilson. Mushegh Serobian, a clergyman from Izmir, sent that letter to the American Committee for Armenian Independence. He complained about the anti-Armenian policy France was pursuing in Adana. The document, which dates back to Oct. 4, 1920, reads that, after Turkey signed the Treaty of Sevres, the French army started committing violence against Armenians. They were hindering the Armenian National Committee's activities. Over 100,000 Armenians were exiled from Adana to ensure the local Turkish population's growth. The rest 14,000 Armenians were pressured into leaving. When Armenians refused, French soldiers threatened them. However, the Armenian National Committee prevented Armenian massacres. Prof. Cicek says: "The report mentions Armenians struggling against Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's troops together with the French. The French arrived in Cilicia to establish an Armenian kingdom. Later, however, the French troops aimed their guns at Armenians. "This document is striking evidence of how Armenians complained about the French. Throughout history France has made use of Armenians in its own interests, and the present-day situation is not at all different."
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